- Your Burning Crusade Server -

With the recent shutdown of the famous classic project Nostalrius and the failed launch of another BC project afterwards, we noticed that there is still a MASS of people who are interested in a TBC Progression Realm.


We are running a 2.4.3 server already. At this moment with T4, T5 and T6 Endcontent (Sunwell Plateau, 3/6 Bosses released).

We are planning to release an international blizzlike Burning Crusade PVP server, with an instant 60 event within the next week
Nearly every boss/event is scripted on our project. So it would be an ease to release content without any bugs
(e.g. Chess Event, Netherspite, Zul'Aman etc.).
As mentioned above, we are already running a TBC Server, so if you want to test our scripts you can create an account and start playing.
An english Webpage and Forum is planned and should be released soon!

Hellfire - New TBC 2.0 Realm:


- Start with your LVL 60 Character
- Play with XP x1 to enjoy the whole world of TBC
- Rehearsed team with a lot of experience
- No custom items and rates

Quel'Thalas - Actual 2.4.3 Realm:

- x3 XP Rate
- Well scripted Raids (T4, T5 and T6 also SWP)
- Crossfaction Raids, BGs & Arenas
- 1 LVL 70 & 1 LVL 60 Character