Instant 70 boost now available and permanent!

We recently took the decision to reimplement the instant 70 feature, only this time we are making it unlimited in terms of time restriction and number of characters. With our current population it is very hard for a new player to get started raiding, doing attunements and finding a guild. With that in mind we have reactivated the instant 70 boost and this time it is permanently available.
Note that the instant 60 boost is still available, so if you would like to level through Outland content you still can!

In addition to the level 70 boost you also get the following:

  • Sufficient gear to start farming heroics and Karazhan.
  • First aid boosted to 300/375.
  • Outland reputations (those that are required for heroic keys) boosted to honored.
  • 100% ground mount.
  • Attunement to Karazhan and heroic dungeons. (Quest chains are still completable)
  • All flight paths unlocked.

Q1. Is there a limit to how many characters I can boost?
Answer: You can boost as many characters as you want.

Q2. If I have a level 65 character, can I still use the level 70 boost on it?
Answer: Yes, any character below level 70 can be boosted.

Q3. If I boost an existing character, will I lose all profession skill levels?
Answer: You will keep all profession progress. First aid is the only exception, it will be set to 300/375 even if you're above that skill level prior to the boost.

Q4. Will I keep my reputations after boosting my existing character?
Answer: Outland reputations will be set to Honored even if you have a higher value prior to the boost.

Q5. Are my items safe? Should I store everything in my bank?
Answer: All your items are safe except currently equipped items, so make sure to put your armor in your bag/bank before boosting.

Note about account registration: There are currently some issues with the account activation links sent to your email. For now we have disabled the requirement to activate your account, so you can log in to the game right away without activation. How to get started: http://hellfire-tbc.com/view/guides.php

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